Safety Policy Statement

One of our main goals at WAA is to be a safe, viable and reliable airline. One of the ways in which we intend on achieving this goal is by establishing a positive safety culture throughout the company. I am committed to developing, implementing and maintaining a Safety Management System (SMS) by adopting strategic approaches which will continuously improve our operation and mitigate risk. This task will not work unless the entire management team works with one common goal in mind. I, as President & CEO (Accountable Executive), will provide all that is required to ensure that we as an airline operate efficiently and at the highest degree of safety.

All employees should know that I am committed to providing the resources necessary to improve, maintain and address sub-standard safety performance within the SMS Program. All management team members will be held accountable for substandard performance within their respective departments. It is important for all employees to know that we as Management are committed to a positive and just safety culture.

It is my intention to ensure that the following are met:

  • 1. Safety objectives as documented and located in the SMS Manual Chapter 2.
  • 2. Commitment to fulfill our organization’s Safety objectives.
  • 3. Supply the resources necessary for the continual improvement of the SMS.
  • 4. Define the Safety Policy requirements for employees reporting of safety hazards or issues in the SMS Manual Chapter 2.
  • 5. The establishment of a policy and standard that defines unacceptable behavior and conditions for disciplinary actions as outlined in the Employee Handbook.
  • 6. Establishing an emergency response plan that provides for the safe transition from normal to emergency operations documented in the Emergency Response Manual.

Safety is paramount and takes precedence in all areas of our operation. Maintaining the highest level of safety must be every employee’s concern. We cannot achieve this unless Top Management, including myself, provide the environment for a positive safety culture. Complete understanding and execution of WAA’s policies and procedures contained within our manual system must be adhered to by all.

Tomas Romero

President & CEO / Accountable Executive

World Atlantic Airlines